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Lorne Fishing

The best fishing spots in Lorne include Reedy Creek, Loutit Bay, Lorne Pier and Lorne Beach. There are also some opportunities for freshwater fishing in the hinterland areas. Fishing licenses are available at the Lorne Visitor Information Centre.

Lorne Walks & Waterfalls

The Great Otway National Park is a spectacular area of native forest, and there are plenty of opportunities to get closer to nature with walking tracks and trails in the area, many leading to spectacular crashing waterfalls. There are seven waterfalls within the bushland surrounding Lorne, with different accessibility levels – some are a quick ten minute stroll from the carpark, others are a more strenuous rainforest hike rewarded with the majestic roar of a waterfall. CORA LYNN CASCADES Car park options: - Blanket Leaf picnic ground carpark (4 km return walk to the falls) - Cora Lynn Cascades carpark (7 km return walk to the falls) - Allenvale Mill carpark (8 km return walk to the falls) Walking track information: - Start: Blanket Leaf picnic ground, off Erskine Falls Road - Finish: Allenvale Mill car park - Distance: 4 km return to Cora Lynn cascades, 12 km return to Allenvale Mill - Duration: 2 hours to Cora Lynn cascades, 5 1/2 hours to Allenvale Mill - Difficulty: Moderate (to Cora Lynn cascades), Strenuous (to Allenvale Mill) Details: The Cora Lynn Cascades walk passes through fern gullies and rocky gorges to Cora Lynn Cascades (about 2 km from the picnic area). The next section (from the Cascades to the Cora Lynn carpark) is only for experienced walkers. From the carpark the track continues on to Phantom Falls to Allenvale Road. From here you can walk east along Allenvale Road then turn left onto the Green Break Track which joins up with Erskine Falls Road which leads back to the picnic area. Another option is to follow Saint George River from the Allenvale Mill site to the coast. ERSKINE FALLS & STRAW FALLS Car park options: - Erskine Falls car park (300m return walk to falls 1st lookout, 700 m to 2nd lookout) Walking track information (Erskine River Track): - Start: Erskine Falls car park - Finish: Lorne - Distance: 7.5 km one way - Duration: 3 hours - Difficulty: Strenuous Details: Erskine Falls is a short drive out of Lorne on appropriately named Erskine Falls Road. It is one of the most popular falls in the Otways and easily accessible. A five-minute walk from the car park brings you to a lookout of the falls, cascading 30 metres into a beautiful tree fern gullyYou also can take steps down to the Erskine River to view the falls from below. . Straw Falls are a 15m cascade on the Erskine River and are a further 400m downstreams of Erskine Falls. Experienced walkers can follow the river from Erksine Falls to Lorne. The 7.5km one-way walk takes about three hours and passes Straw Falls and Splitter Falls. It should not be attempted when water levels are high. HENDERSON FALLS, THE CANYON & PHANTOM FALLS Car park options: - Sheoak Creek Picnic area carpark, along Allenvale Rd (21/2 hours return walk to Phantom Falls) - Allenvale Mill site, on Allenvale Road (90 minute return walk to Phantom Falls) Walking track information: - Start: Sheoak Creek Picnic area carpark - Finish: Sheoak Creek Picnic area carpark - Distance: 6.5 km return - Duration: 21/2 hours - Difficulty: Strenuous Details: Henderson Falls, the Canyon and Phantom Falls are reached from the Sheoak Creek Picnic area, along Allenvale Rd. There are barbecue facilities, toilets, picnic tables, fireplaces and drinking water. From the Canyon, you can return to Sheoak picnic area by the same track or continue on to Phantom Falls and then down to the Allenvale Mill carpark and along Allenvale Rd back to the Sheoak picnic area. On the way is also Won Wondha Falls. Henderson Falls is about 8 to10 meters, Panthom Falls about 15 meters high. The total distance of this circuit is around 9 km. KALIMNA FALLS (UPPER & LOWER FALLS) Car park options: - Sheoak picnic area carpark (2.5 hours walk to Lower Falls, 31/2 hours to Upper Falls) Walking track information: - Start: Sheoak picnic area carpark - Finish: Sheoak picnic area carpark - Distance: Lower Falls – 6.5 km; Upper Falls – 8.5 km - Duration: Lower Falls – 21/2 hours: Upper Falls – 31/2 hours - Difficulty: Easy Details: The Sheoak picnic area, is a 4km drive from Lorne. The Kalimna falls are fringed by tall rainforest trees and dense tree ferns. The Lower Falls are not large, but you can get behind them and look out through the falling water to the large pool surrounded by mossy logs and rocks. The Upper Falls are a series of cascades viewed from a platform. The walk follows the route of an old tramway and some of the old sleepers can still be seen. The return walk to the picnic area can be made along Garvey track. SHEOAK FALLS Car park options: - Sheoak picnic area carpark (10 minutes walk to Sheoak Falls) Walking track information: - Start: Sheoak picnic area carpark - Finish: Sheoak picnic area carpark - Distance: 7 km return • Duration: 3 hours - Difficulty: Moderate Details: Head south-east from the Sheoak Picnic Area along Sheoak Creek to Swallow Cave (where swallows nest in the rock crevices in spring) and on for another 400 m to the 15-metre Sheoak Falls (this section of the walk should not be attempted when water levels are high). While not falling for a great distance, the water passes over a dark rock face within a natural amphitheatre, making for spectacular viewing. Return a very short distance towards Swallow Cave then branch off to the left along the Sheoak/Castle Rock Track. After about 1.3 km there is a track junction. Turn left to Castle Rock where there is a lookout then return to the junction. Keep to the left, following the Sheoak Track north to Garveys Track which leads back to the Picnic Area. CUMBERLAND FALLS Car park options: - Picnic area carpark at the mouth of the Cumberland River (3 hours walk return) - Sheoak picnic area carpark Walking track information: - Start: Picnic area carpark at the mouth of the Cumberland River - Finish: Picnic area carpark at the mouth of the Cumberland River - Distance: 9 km return - Duration: 4.5 hours - Difficulty: Strenuous Details: About 6 km south of Lorne along the Great Ocean Road is a picnic area at the mouth of the Cumberland River. You can take the Cumberland Falls Walk by following the river for about 3 km past some excellent clifftop scenery to the Cumberland Cascades (not to be attempted when the river level is high). Return the way you came for nearly 1 km but then take the track on the left which follows a ridge north to Garveys Track. Turn right onto the latter but turn right again almost immediately onto the Sheoak Track to Castle Rock. From Castle Rock return along the track for a couple of hundred metres to the track junction and turn right. The track leads to Sheoak Falls then on to the Great Ocean Road carpark which can be followed back to the Cumberland River Reserve. CURRAWONG FALLS (AIREYS INLET) Car park options: - Lower carpark, Distillery Creek picnic area (near Aireys Inlet) Walking track information: - Start: Distillery Creek picnic area carpark - Finish: Distillery Creek picnic area carpark - Distance: 12 km return - Duration: 4 hours - Difficulty: Strenuous Details: The Currawong Falls are at their best in the winter and spring and the site offers fine views of the surrounding countryside. The walk reveals a fascinating range of habitats: ironbark and other eucalypt forests, melaleuca swamps, fern gullies, sheoak stands on high ridges with panoramic views, and steep-sided gorges.

Teddy's Lookout

At the end of George Street, Teddy’s Lookout offers spectacular views of the St. George River and the Great Ocean Road coastline. There is walking trail connecting Teddy’s Lookout with two other lookouts, and takes about 30 minutes return.

The Surf Coast Walk

Whether you're a nature lover or a fun lover, whether you take an hour, a day or a week, the Surf Coast Walk puts a stunning and unique coastal environment within easy reach. - Offering natural beauty and easy access - A world-class walking destination for all to enjoy - On the edge of the stunning Great Ocean Road - Do a section or do it all; at your own pace - More than a walk, over half the track is suitable for bikes Relish the rich ochre of the Bells Beach cliffs, the deep blue of Bass Strait and the leafy green of eucalypt forects. Discover traditional Wathaurung country, fascinating surf culture and abundant wildlife as the walk connects you with the coastal town comforts of Torquay, Anglesea and Aireys Inlet.

Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary

At the base of the Split Point Lighthouse, the 17 hectare Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary is home to a huge variety of marine life. Popular with snorkellers and scuba divers, you can expect to see a diverse range of invertebrates. The rockpools around the sandy coves in this area are also teeming with marine life and are terrific for families to explore.

Fairhaven Surf Life Saving Club

The 6 km long Fairhaven Beach is the longest beach on the Great Ocean Road. The Fairhaven Surf Life Saving Club, founded in 1957, is located toward the eastern end of the beach - and its members average 10 rescues annually. The bar and restaurant are open during the summer months.

Auswalk Walking Holidays

Come and experience the real Australia on foot with Auswalk Walking Holidays. Do not watch it pass you by from the windows of a vehicle, get out there and be a part of it! Auswalk Walking Holidays offer guided groups of like-minded people day hikes in fabulous national parks. There are two guides looking after each group, so you will have a choice of easy or hard walks each day. At night stay in comfortable accommodations and enjoy good food and wine. Auswalk Walking Holidays also have self-guided walks through superb National Parks from one accommodation to the next. Walk with your own group of two or more people and start any day of the year. You will be supported along the way with luggage transfers, marked maps and detailed walk notes. Auswalk Walking Holidays can customise a trip for you, your club, group of friends or family. Victorian destinations include the Grampians as it is the best place to see native animals in the wild. There is a rich indigenous history as well as challenging hiking to magnificent rocky peaks. Another great destination is Great Alpine Walk, traverse Victoria's high country, staying overnight in secluded alpine villages. Great Ocean Walk is a long time favourite, this iconic track hugs the southern ocean in parts and ventures inland into the mighty forests of the Otway Ranges. You will see kangaroos while on the track. Great South West Walk is a perfect choice for those who enjoy walking long distances on easy terrain. Highlights include the Glenelg River Gorge and the Three Capes section. Other destinations around the country include the Flinders Ranges, Snowy Mountains and many other beautiful national parks around Australia. Please enquire with Auswalk Walking Holidays for more information.
Tiger Moth World Adventure Flights
Near Torquay

Tiger Moth World Adventure Flights

Step back in time and let Tiger Moth World Adventure Flights take you on an experience you will never forget! Tiger Moth World was established in 1990 and operates from it's own private airfield in Torquay - the start of the Great Ocean Road. Torquay Airport was developed specifically as a World War II style grass aerodrome for Tiger Moth World's biplane adventure flights. Climb aboard one of their Tigers for a Tiger Moth flight of a lifetime. Be Biggles for a day in their Tiger Moth, take a romantic biplane flight for two in Tiger Cat or (if you dare) turn your life upside down with a choice of mild, wild or Extreme adrenaline pumping aerobatics in their Super Tiger. Their open cockpit biplane fleet is extensive. Whatever flight you choose, you will wing your way along the magical coast of the world famous Great Ocean Road and beyond. If you prefer, take a spectacular scenic flight in a modern class aircraft for a bird's eye view of the stunning coastline of the Great Ocean Road through to the 12 Apostles. Tiger Moth World even has an Adventure Park to keep all the family happy. All the flight action happens literally metres away from the viewing area. Awesome! The team at Tiger Moth World are waiting to "make your day"! All flight bookings are arranged on a day and time to suit you. Please contact Tiger Moth World if you have any queries or would like further information.

Otway Fly Treetop Adventures

Otway Fly Treetop Adventures - One Location two adventures. Located in Victoria's magnificent Otways providing visitors with a unique opportunity to view the forest from a bird's eye view through its two unique eco-adventure experiences, the famous Tree Top walk and Zip Line Tour. The Tree Top Walk - the longest and tallest elevated walk of its kind in the world. At 600 metres long and 30 metres above ground level. A 45 metre high lookout is ascended via a spiral stairway through the under story to emerge amongst the crowns of the giants of the forest, whilst the springboard cantilever bounces precariously high over picturesque Young's Creek. The walk is a 1.9 kilometres round walk starting from the visitor centre and takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour to complete. The walk is full of quality interpretive panels educating our visitor on the forest and surrounds on display. For the thrill seeker zip lining is the perfect adrenaline fuelled activity where you can Zip across the treetops in this unique forest experience, gaining a bird's-eye view of Otway's beautiful forests. The Zip Line Tour involves traversing from one platform to another connected by tree platforms called 'cloud stations' and attached to steel cable suspended up to 30 metres above the forest floor. This exciting adventure lasts three hours and is unlike any other experience. It is recommended pre-booking the Zip Line Tour via the Otway Fly Tree Top Adventures website. The visitor centre is home to a licensed cafe which seats up to 100 people. The car-park also provides for campervans, caravans and coaches. Group bookings can be made and need to be booked in advance, guided tours and catering are available for these bookings.


Searoad Ferries connects the Great Ocean Road and the Bellarine to the Mornington Peninsula, the 40 minute crossing is a stress free alternative to driving through the city. Two specially designed all weather 60 metre ferries have easy drive on/drive off facilities, spacious comfortable lounges with full-length windows, a tempting cafe and plenty of deck space. Watch out for dolphins, whales in winter and enormous ships as you breathe incredibly fresh air. Arriving at Sorrento, you will have a perfect view of multi-million dollar mansions sitting atop cliffs, tiny coves filled with boats, the beautiful foreshore and old limestone buildings. Whether you are going home or on a journey far away, there's no better way to see the bay than with Searoad Ferries. Passengers with vehicles are advised to arrive at the terminals at least 20 minutes prior to departure. The ferries depart from Queenscliff Harbour, Queenscliff and the Sorrento Pier, Sorrento. Special Features on the 40 minute journey are the unparalleled views of historic lighthouses, the Point Nepean fortifications, navigational features, seals and dolphins are available from the comfortable lounge areas, cafe style seating or numerous observation decks. Both vessels are fully equipped to cater for passengers with disabilities, including an internal lift from the vehicle deck to the passenger lounge. Coaches may be booked ahead. Seven days notice is advisable to secure passage.

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High Tea on the High Seas - Searoad Ferries

Experience High Tea on the High Seas in the privacy of the Portsea Lounge on board the Queenscliff Sorrento Ferry.

High Tea on the High Seas - Searoad Ferries

Experience High Tea on the High Seas in the privacy of the Portsea Lounge on board the Queenscliff Sorrento Ferry.
Enjoy table service in elegant surroundings, exquisite food, quality tea and real coffee!

$40.00 per person and includes immediate return travel on the same ferry for a leisurely experience.

Every Sunday from February to November
12pm sailing from Sorrento
3pm sailing from Queenscliff.

To book visit or contact 03 5258 3244