Here at Live Wire Park in Lorne we have action-packed fun for people of all ages!

Our aim is to get everyone off their phones and ipads and get active in nature; whilst taking in the sights and smells of the beautiful hinterland forest.

When planning your trip to the Great Ocean Road region, make sure you spend a day at Live Wire Park. 

It's a great way to connect with family and friends; it's good for your health (adrenaline!) and, you can push your physical and mental boundaries!

Here's a round up of the experiences we offer, including our brand new 'Spring Circuit', which is one of only two in Australia! 

1. Trampoline in the trees

Children from a year old, right through to grandparents, can leap into the Spring Circuit! There are five trampoline-like jumping zones suspended four metres off the ground, linked with bridges and walkways. Adding to the energy-burning fun are ball pits, giant soft bowling pins and swinging pods. Rolling, jumping, climbing and swinging...there's so much fun to be had!

2. Walk along the tree canopy

When you’re ready for a break from bouncing, slow the pace and take a leisurely walk with a difference: 10 metres above the ground amongst the towering Blue Gum trees! Our 120 metre long suspended circuit walk is low intensity, so everyone can wander along and appreciate the forest's flora and fauna. It’s also wheelchair accessible (you just need to book ahead).

3. Get extreme on the zip line

If you're after a real adrenaline rush, book a high intensity experience on the 525 metre-long Shockwave Zip Coaster. You'll pulse forward at electrifying speed, with twists and turns, charged by the sheer force of gravity. Or, if you're looking for the ultimate in endurance, agility and problem-solving skills, the Super Circuit is for the seasoned high ropes lovers.

Why Live Wire Park is good for you

Every experience can promote a level of adrenaline, which boosts the immune system, heightens pleasure, and increases self-confidence.  Stepping out of your comfort zone to experience something new; to face a fear, or to try something beyond your sense of security can make us feel nervous, a little scared or downright terrified - but afterwards we feel an incredible sense of accomplishment!


-     The Spring Circuit and Canopy Circuit Walk are included in the general admission price.

-     Anyone taking part in any activity at the park needs to wear closed toe shoes and we suggest wearing comfortable clothes.

-     Live Wire Park is located at 180 Erskine Falls Road in Lorne (just one kilometre inland from the beach).

Where to stay

There are lots of accommodation options to suit singles, couples, groups and families visiting the Great Ocean Road, so you have close access to Live Wire Park, plus other natural attractions like walks, waterfalls and wildlife.

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