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As a kid I loved travelling, I loved packing my books and games and jumping in to the car. The journey towards our destination was half the fun. Playing eye spy out the window with my sister, creating shapes out of the fluffy white clouds, stopping off to stretch our legs and breathe in fresh new air and explore the different spots along the way. Now all grown up, I still love travelling. Now I pack my camera gear, and instead of games we sing as loud as possible. We still stop off and stretch our legs, breathe in the fresh clean air and explore different spots along the way.

Here are my top 5 road trips:

1. Torquay to Apollo Bay

Grab your coffee and let’s go

Stops along the way:

Bells Beach - Grab your board if you’re a pro otherwise just watch the pro’s in action.  

Koori Culture Walk to Point Addis Marine Sanctuary - Part of the Surfcoast walk full of nature and wildlife and learn the history of the indigenous Wathaurung People. 

Anglesea river - hire a canoe or SUP and paddle your way along the river

Aireys Inlet - Check out where they filmed the famed Logie award winning tv series “Round the Twist” you can even take the tour.

Lorne - explore one or all of the waterfalls around Lorne. Erskine falls is spectacularly tall with 2 viewing platforms, either the top or the bottom.

Teddy’s lookout in Lorne is a must stop and not far from Erskine falls

The Cumberland River - the river runs along the most spectacular cliff faces, follow the track to Lower Kalima Falls and take a dip in Jebbs Pools

Back in the car for a short couple of minutes then you need to stop off at Mt Defiance lookout

Artillery Rock - the wind and waves shape the rocks forming near perfect circles.

Boggerley creek at low tide take a dip in the pristine rock pools.

Wye River - explore the hamlets along the great ocean road

Cape Patton lookout

Mariners Lookout

Bells Beach Torquay Great Ocean Road 053A8183Anglesea river Great Ocean Road  053A46Erskine Falls Lorne Great Ocean Road 053A7523Teddys Lookout Lorne Great Ocean Road 053A2233cumberland river great ocean road regional tourism 053A8401Artillery Rock Great Ocean Road 053A6462Boggerley Creek Great Ocean Road 300x300 053A7155Cape Patton Lookout Great Ocean Road 053A4945Mariners Lookout Apollo Bay Great Ocean Road 053A0003

2. Forrest to Lavers Hill

Rainforest Bathing (Shinrin-yoku)

Stops along the way:

Lake Elizabeth - spot the platypus at Dusk. Or just immerse yourself in all it’s beauty

Stephensons Falls - Breathe in the fresh air and listen to the sound of the water gushing over the rocks.

Take Turtons Track, a beautiful windy road with overhung ferns, if it’s been raining you will see the droplets of water as they hang on to the end of the ferns. Take it slowly. The journey is just as inspiring as the destination.

Redwood Forest - A photographers paradise as the sun rays peak through the tall trees.

Beauchamp Falls - Feel the mist on your face as you get up close, let your senses run wild.

Hopetoun Falls - Natural beauty, where a tree has fallen and that’s where it stays, it feels as though I am the first to see this, but I know many have been here before and many after me will come to explore.

Little Aire Falls - Catch every waterfall, don’t miss a single one.

Triplet Falls - Sometimes you need to stop and take a deep breath, remind yourself, this is nature, this is true beauty.

Aire River Crossing

Lavers Hill - Melba Gully glow worms are just spectacular, like little beads of light.

Stephensons Falls Otways Great Ocean Road 053A6821Redwoods Forrest Otways Great Ocean Road 053A9027Beauchamp Falls Otways Great Ocean Road 300x300 053A8650Aire River Crossing Great Ocean Road 300x300 053A8117

3. Apollo Bay to Port Campbell

Stops along the way:

Marengo Beach - fish from the rocks but be careful they can be slippery.

Elliott River - take the walk to where the river meets the sea

Maits Rest - natures wonderland

Parker Hill

Cape Otway Lightstation - Hear the roar of the waves below and the winds circling above Bimbi Park - Spot a Koala high on Eucalypt.

Aire River Beach

Castle Cove lookout

Johanna Beach - that feeling you get when the water shows how powerful it really is.

The Gables Lookout

Wreck Beach - take the long steps down and at low tide see the the anchor

Gellibrand River

Princetown Boardwalk - take your rod and go fishing

Gibsons Steps - The steps carved in to the side of the cliff, take you down to a beach that is both full of power and beauty.

Castle Rock

12 Apostles - Seeing these for the first time will blow your mind, natural beauty at any time of day. The Razorback
Loch Ard Gorge

Port Campbell Foreshore - a safe swimming spot for you to rest and unwind. Or take the Port Campbell discovery walk.

Elliott River Great Ocean Road  053A9276Cape Otway Lightstation Great Ocean Road 300x300 053A6366Loch Ard Gorge Great Ocean Road 300x300 053A6070Wreck Beach Great Ocean Road 300x300 053A7844Princetown Great Ocean Road 300x300 053A8927Gibson steps Great Ocean Road 300x300 053A898912 Apostles Great ocean road 053A9317

4. Port Campbell to Port Fairy

Stops along the way:

The Arch - Mother Nature is truly amazing

London Bridge - nature came and separated this beauty from the mainland.

The Grotto - The steps down are definitely worth the effort.

Peterborough - A spectacular golf course with magnificent views

Worm Bay

Bay of Martyrs

Bay of Islands - rocks scattered like a game of jacks / knucklebones.

Boat Bay - take a dip in the pristine waters

Sandy Beach/Childers Cove - the wild waters are not safe for swimming but just being here feels secluded, grab out your book and rest a while.

Logans Beach - swimming or surfing or just relaxing. Depending on the time of year, you may spot a whale.

Hopkins River - take your fishing rod.

Hopkins Falls

Thunder Point - wild waters below, crash against the rocks

Tower Hill - wildlife galore.

Griffith Island Lighthouse - grab out your crayons and get arty.

Shelley Beach - the pretty beach with pristine waters, safe for swimming

The Crags - a natural beauty

The Grotto Great Ocean Road 053A5626Bay of Martyrs Great ocean Road 053A5661Boat Bay Great Ocean Road 053A5731Childers cove Great Ocean Road 053A0536Tower Hill Great Ocean Road 053A4362Griffith Lighthouse Port Fairy Great Ocean Road 053A3890Shelley Beach Port Fairy Great Ocean Road 053A1484The Crags Port Fairy Great ocean road 053A0833

5. Winchelsea to Timboon (via Camperdown)

Stops along the way:

Birregurra - fill up your picnic basket with all sorts of goodies


Lake Purrumbette - an old volcano and a fisherman's paradise

Camperdown - hit the antique stores

Lake Bullen Merri - Great for fishing

Botanical Gardens - sit and have a picnic


Timboon - a beautiful town, grab and ice cream, go explore the old rail bridge, take a bike ride.

Lakes Edge Cafe Great Ocean Road 053A5254Pombo Mart great ocean road 300x300 053A5151Lake Bullen Merri Great Ocean Road 300x300053A4170Timboon Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism 053A9364Timboon Icecream Great ocean Road 053A6424

There are so many different road trips to explore in this region.  These are just my favourite, I hope they inspired you to get out there and explore, to create your own road trip and write your own story.  #IAMWHERESTORIESUNFOLD 


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