Torquay is the perfect spot to spend a weekend on the beach during the warmer months - Cosy Corner for the little ones, or the Surf Beach for the more experienced. Stroll up and grab a coffee and some take away for lunch, then top the day off with dinner at one of the many cafes or restaurants around the esplanade and Bell St - don’t worry, no dress code applies here, sandy feet are welcome. Spend the night camping, or for something more luxurious, one of the resorts or holiday houses on offer. Then do it all again tomorrow! 

Here’s our top 5 of what to do in Torquay for a weekend: 


1. Start the Surf Coast Walk 

This walk starts in Torquay and ends in Aireys Inlet. The walk in full is 44kms, but if a 2-day hike isn’t your thing, it’s broken up into smaller legs. The Esplanade walk in Torquay is an easy stroll along the foreshore, which is accessible for wheelchairs and bikes (and dog friendly too!)Start at Point Impossible and make your way down the esplanade, following the path to Point Danger. This is a great one for the whole family, with heaps of places to stop along the way for a break, a sit down or to have a go on the playground. Tip – this is a perfect walk to watch a stunning sunrise, just start from Point Danger and walk your way over to Point Impossible to get the full experience. 


2. Book a Surf Lesson  

Whether the sun is beaming down or it’s a little cloudy, a surf lesson is always fun (and yes, winter wetties exist!). Surf lessons are stacks of fun for any age, for complete beginners or those who need a few extra pointers. You’ll be warm in no time with all the paddling and popping up you’ll be doing! If you’d rather go out on your own or with your mates, you can hire all the gear you need and head out for the day. Cosy Corner is a perfect little learner wave. 


3. Take a Yoga Class 

The locals live and breathe saltwater wellness in Torquay, and when they’re not in the water, they’re making sure they’re keeping up their fitness and strength for when they get back in again. Yoga is a favourite amongst surfers to keep the body conditioned – so naturally there are a few places to drop in and try a class around Torquay, whatever your level – you'll always be greeted with a friendly face 


4. Checkout Your Neighbours in Jan Juc and Anglesea

You may have visited Torquay a few times (or perhaps more!), but have you ever walked around to Jan JucThere’s a lovely walk to Bird Rock Lookout which offers a stunning view of sweeping cliffs and the wide expanse of the ocean below. It's also a great place to check the surf. While you’re there you can have a beer at the local pub or grab yourself a coffee and a wholefoods treat from the local café nearby. If you've got some more time, head over to Anglesea and hire a boat or kayak for a paddle on the river or hit up one of the many mountain bike trails on offer.


5. Hit the Surf Seconds in Baines Crescent and Surf City Plaza on the Highway 

Clothes, shoes, bikinis, boardies, hats, wetsuits, towels – you can always grab bargain in Baines Crescent. There are even a few cafes along this stretch to help keep your energy up! Once you’ve hit the seconds, you can walk over to Surf City Plaza to check out the latest and greatest gear. Fittingly Rip Curl and Quiksilver bookend the Surf City Plaza, with many other iconic brands joining in the middle (and across the road). Brands include Billabong, Oakley, Patagonia, Beach Crew, Rojo, Globe and Ghanda. 


Torquay is the Great Ocean Road’s surf culture haven. If you want to jump amongst some world class swell, learn to surf or simply just grab a coffee and watch the locals whip up a storm in the water – Torquay is your place. Out of the water, the surf culture is backed by the cruisy vibe of the town and the friendly locals. We hope to see you soon. 

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