The new dates for the Great Ocean Road Running Festival are August 22-23, 2020 (due to event restrictions around coronavirus).

All going well, if this event proceeds, people of all fitness levels will take part in this massive two-day sporting event that enables you to physically walk and run along the Great Ocean Road.

If you're keen to make the most of this event, and challenge yourself like never before, local seasoned running Pete Kerr has some tips for you.

Here's his pre-race preparation and post-race recovery so you throw everything you can at the greatest race in our region for the year! 

These are the events to choose from:

- Ultra marathon

- Marathon

- Half marathon

- 14km run

- 6km run

- 1.5km run

- Walk



Keep it really simple, basically sticking to what would you normally eat. For me, on the night before, it’s another run which is of course slightly longer. The old fashioned carb loading is a little over done I think for most people.

Given likely you will have eaten things, “trial and error”, and have found what works for you over your longer runs or harder runs. Most importantly from that, what doesn’t work, this personally for me is not too greasy, oily meats.

Yes, more carb driven and just eating till full, not trying to find some new space for food to fuel tomorrow! i.e don’t over eat. The week leading in will of course have also been a little easier from a training point of view so eating the same amounts whilst training less will be a nice natural “carb load” as to “fueling extra” for the big day.


As previously mentioned, easier days leading in.

Don’t under do it, sometimes being scared of running in this week, this can lead to your body shutting down a little from the efforts you’ve put in across your lead up. Listen to the body, if it feels tired rest it, if it feels like it needs a “loosener” by all means head out easy.

Utilising “strides” (running 60-80m stretching out at a comfortable solid pace) occasionally to stretch the legs out. Save them from freezing up in this easier week. But remember no session the week of the race will get you any extra fitness, don’t go chasing panic miles!


I find massage great, as long as it’s not your first ever massage pre race. Use them once a week or fortnight, talk to them about your race. A good masseur will give you some great knowledge about the pros and cons of a massage in relation to hard events. Stretching, hydration and good sleep… simple but amazing if you nail them.

Post race


This depends on what you want out of the post race… best case, less processed foods, free of refined sugars. Nice healthy dose/mix of ALL carbs, proteins and fats. Simpler and more natural the foods are the better your body will absorb it.

Sure, but it’s 44km and the other side of the coin is eat what you feel you’ve earned. Your body is empty it needs refuelling... the recovery process can happen as soon as possible the healthy way, but there is a pub in Apollo bay and beer is refreshing, donuts are for happiness, you could just have at it. You definitely have earned it! But definitely eat/drink even if you feel a bit average and don’t feel like it.


I’m a massive fan of active recovery the day after. Head for a swim, light stretching supported by water. Stationery bike? Light work, no load bearing. But It’s great to do something at a super low effort.

Take the second day after off. Trust me, its better! Up to you but also running can likely take a week off, the body has gone through massive trauma so impact of running isn’t its favourite for now. Feel it out, if hurts don’t, if it feels nice do it gently.


Light massage, anti imflammatories, ice water (beach or bath tub) and hydrate!


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Geelong based sportsman - Peter runs a lot and can provide great tips for you to acheive your best performance at your next event.

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