26 March 2018




180 Erskine Falls Road, Lorne  |  1300 548 394  |  www.livewirepark.com.au

Just two hours drive from Melbourne in Lorne, is Australia's newest adventure attraction - Live Wire Park. Home of Australia's 'most extreme' Zip Line (the 525 metre long Shockwave Zip Coaster - one of just 4 world wide) plus over 80 high ropes activity obstacles that include, a suspended bridge. Canopy walk, a tarzan swing and even a nerve testing 15m bungee jump, this is something that we just had to check out! After a quick coffee stop in Lorne, it was only 2 minutes before we arrived at the entrance to the park which is located near the start of the picturesque Erksine Falls Road. As soon as we drive in, the first thing we notice is the huge Zip Line winding its way through the tall gums trees - we're excited.

We make our way up the steep gravel track towards the eco structure to get kitted up.  It’s time to tackle my fear of heights and wiz around on the “Shockwave Zip Coaster”. I harness up, while Lachie tries to calm my nerves by telling me an 83 year old grandmother took on this zip coaster just last week, well I guess there’s no pulling out now.  Thanks Lachie.

I make Andrew go first to try and settle my nerves.  I watch him zip around, he's having a blast.  Ok I’ll go..  Sit up and cruise around or lean back to gather speed, I decided to sit up.  Wow I felt like a bird, flying through the trees, breeze under my wings as I wind around the tall gums powered by gravity. What a rush, I feel such achievement!  Now with my feet planted safely on the ground, I follow Andrew around taking photos while he experiences the thrill and excitement of this park.

With the adrenaline officially kicked in, he heads straight for the 10m QuickJump Bungee that is also named by the one of the staff as the "Quick Drop" - Andrew is now starting to second guess himself. On top of the platform it’s time to test his limits, I hear him yell out "It's higher than I thought".  I count him down and encourage him on.  He free-falls about halfway then the bungee kicks in.  Wow I never thought he would do it.  I really thought he was going to chicken out of this one.  Well done.

Adrenaline still pumping he wants to walk along a suspended bridge.  I need to follow him up to take the shots.  This will be a test...  Supported by his harness, he takes small steps across the suspended bridge.  I'm trying to focus and not look down, I’m metres above the forest floor.   Wow,  what a view.  But I'll stay on this side thanks.  Maybe next time.

Now believing he is bullet proof, Andrew eyes off the 15m Rock Climbing wall. Up he goes, one rock at a time he climbs his way up and reaches the top slowly.  I can just see him way above, standing on a wooden platform amongst nature.   Everything about this place feels natural, the whole site is powered by solar, it’s off the grid, eco friendly.

I'll count him down again but this time he's like “Tarzan” and swinging across from the platform with a cargo net to catch him.  All I hear is  "WOW, WOW, That was awesome"

As he navigates his way around this high intensity course, with the Live Wire Crew and myself encouraging him on, we realise 2 hours has gone so quickly and there are still so many more high and low wire challenges to experience.    The look on Andrews face was sheer satisfaction.  He may not have a fear of heights but it was still a massive challenge.

So whether you’re an 83 year old grandmother, an adrenaline junkie or you're just looking for adventure, you have to experience Live Wire Park.  It’s a supercharged adventure that is sure to get your heart pumping.

Live Wire Park is open 7 days a week from 8:45am until 5pm.

Live Wire Park
180 Erskine Falls Road, Lorne
1300 548 394

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