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This part of the coast has it all! In the space of a couple of hours, you can make your way from the beach, through rainforests and out towards the rolling hills of the Great Ocean Road. Sustainable living and clean eating are top of mind for so many people these days and in this episode, we begin by heading inland to Birregurra – the home of organic fine dining restaurant, Brae. Dan Hunter talks about the importance of farming organically and his passion for plating up restaurant quality food that’s free of chemicals.  

Next, we stop by Apollo Bay – the crayfish capital of Victoria – just in time to see over 400kg of lobsters coming out of the traps and ready to make their way to fine dining restaurants across Victoria. While we’re there, we talk to Nick Polgeest, who has loved living and working in the clean ocean air of Bass Strait for over 60 years.

Otways Blueberries farm in Gellibrand is only an hour’s drive from Geelong. This place is so popular, they even have regular customers driving all the way from Melbourne to fill their car with blueberries before heading back to the city. Some customers literally pick over 100kg of blueberries at a time!

Our final stop is at Forrest Guesthouse in Otways. This former timber milling town now thrives with 60km of mountain bike trails and is the perfect place to stay for a night or two. And after your ride, it’s only a 200-metre walk or ride to the local brewery, cafes, cellar door and hand-crafted chocolate maker!


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