At the core of it, the best thing about street art in Warrnambool is that it’s accessible to everyone. This is a place where anyone can access world-class art for free... just by taking a walk around town. It makes life more interesting.

You get everything from epic, large- scale murals on public buildings, to fun sculptured elements and smaller, hard-to-find artworks in laneways. Warrnambool’s block- style layout and myriad of laneways make it a perfect location for exploring a trail of art. It encourages people to discover parts of the city that they may not have otherwise seen. I find people love interacting with the art – and the artists when we are on the street creating it.

There’s a real buzz about it. Kids really love it too.

There are more than 25 public artworks around Warrnambool, from both local and out-of-town artists. You can’t miss Adnate’s spectacular mural of an indigenous elder and young boy on the wall

of the TAFE building, and Claire Foxton’s tribute to local immigrants on the water tower. There’s the impressive 3-metre seal installation by Dave Jones and, of course, the Jimmi Buscombe ‘wombat’ is fun to find. It has become quite famous and has a great story behind it.

I think my favourite piece of street art here is Kitt Bennett’s stunning pink, white and grey mural on the wall of Biba hairdresser in the laneway off Ozone walk, one block back from the main strip. It’s big and it’s different to everything else. That’s a good spot to start exploring, as almost every laneway running off the Ozone carpark has some interesting art in it. You’ll find Jimmi Buscombe’s great Black Cockatoo piece around there too.

You can explore Warrnambool’s Street Art via an official Google map online or just follow your nose. Engaging with art is a really positive experience for people.

I think our street art makes people feel welcome in Warrnambool. It’s fun, it’s unique and it’s available for everyone to enjoy.”


- Nathan Pye, Artist, Warrnambool

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