Holidays are for fun, and what type of food says "fun" more than a delicious juicy burger?!

You're never far from a great burger in the Great Ocean Road region, so we've selected 10 of our favourites...you're welcome.

1. Rocky Point in Torquay is where the cool kids get their burgers. Their range will make your mouth water, and the there are a stack of vego options too. The "Surf's Up" burger includes a slice of pineapple giving you the real summer 'feels' - yes we know the pineapple thing creates some controversy among die hard burger enthusiasts, but when in the birthplace of Australian surf culture, we just can't resist. 

2. Last One Inn in Anglesea is in a cracking location overlooking the Anglesea River. Perfect for sunset drinks with a cocktail list that will melt your heart. Their casual dining menu, featuring a range of yummo burgers is causing belts to loosen all along the coast.  

3. Bottle o' Milk in Lorne is hard to miss - a spot underneath one of their iconic yellow and white umbrellas lined up on Mountjoy Parade is the stuff of bliss on a warm sunny day. Oh and the burgers are pretty great too!

4. Bypass the global brands and stop for a Wonder Burger in Colac. This little take-away is renowned for its juicy burgers - locals will tell you they are "the best". Grab a round of burgs and head to the lovely Colac Botanic Gardens to devour them (and you will!)...and maybe take a little walk to make yourself feel better about it afterwards.

5. Scorched Grill in Apollo Bay is a family favourite with their burgers, hot dogs and fries all done to perfection. Look out for their specials; they don't use the term lightly - so when Chef Hayley is flippin' the fresh flake it is not to be missed. If you're not feeling fishy, just stick with our fave, the standard cheeseburger, which is spectacular. Then it's time to find a great spot on the beach to enjoy your burgers!

6. Slightly cheating the rules, we thought a special mention should go to Grassroots Deli in Port Campbell for their Egg & Bacon Breakfast Roll, served on a milk bun with a lettuce leaf (making it a balanced meal), this is a favourite for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or whenever really. Owner Maria will tell you that the locally produced eggs and bacon are the key.

7. Mortlake's Delifresh Cafe and Foodstore is the perfect place for travellers to take a break and enjoy some house-made treats including the Aussie Burger claiming to be the "World's Best Burger". That's right. To find out, you really must go and taste it yourself.

8. A Warrnambool staple, Kermonds Hamburgers have been satisfying the hungry people of Warrnambool for many years. There are no overwhelming menus here - it's your simple, delicious, traditional milk bar style burger, made from scratch and served with a smile :) You can't go wrong.

9. Fried chicken connoisseurs can rejoice at Randy's Burgers in Port Fairy. Their specialty burgers are next level, probably because they are flipped by celebrated local Chef Ryan Sessions. When you taste the fried chicken burger you'll be celebrating too.

10. Go a bit further for your burger and head to Nelson to try the Nelson Kiosk "Aussie Burger". Those in the know rave about the consistently delicious food here. Nelson is an idyllic pace to disconnect however there's no need to compromise on the quality of your burgers.  Set yourself up beside the Glenelg River and enjoy... 

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