With an abundance of coastline, well serviced towns and villages, regional Visitor Information Centres, along with a hinterland area that has some of the most popular natural attractions in Australia, there are activities to suit every type of family along the Great Ocean Road.

The 12 Apostles region offers a range of free family fun including free binocular and telescope hire and digital detective and scavenger hunt programs. Enquire at the Port Campbell Visitor Information Centre.


If you love the beach, you will love the Great Ocean Road region.

From Torquay to Portland and beyond there are literally hundreds of bay and ocean beaches to choose from, and they are magnificent all year round. In summer they act as a cool retreat, while in winter a wonderful backdrop to get away from the cities.


Walks along windswept beaches, wine by an open fire (or, in summer, on a balcony overlooking the ocean) or finding a secret spot in the rainforest for a picnic - sounds like old fashioned Hollywood romance, but it's all possible in the region.

The spectacular scenery of the Great Ocean Road area adds a sense of grandeur to a holiday for two, but there are many more things for couples to do that will let the love flow.


Fertile soil and the maritime climate make the Great Ocean Road region an ideal place to grow the produce we eat and drink.

These environmental factors combined with the relaxed, easy-going nature of the region make it a less pretentious and earthier foodie destination than most.


With an environment where the air you breathe is so fresh, it's difficult not to relax.  Fresh sea air, invigorating rainforest air or natural country air - your lungs will be grateful and your head will immediately slow down.

Relaxation is achieved in many different ways by every different person.  Stroll barefoot on the beach with sand and ripples between your toes.  Lay down in a hot spa while the jets work their magic.  Enjoy a quiet drink with a view of the ocean or rainforest.


Much of the region's maritime history and heritage is still visible in the lighthouses that dominate the landscape at various points along the road.

Torquay's position as the capital of the international surf industry makes the local museum 'Surfworld' ideally placed to deliver a historic look at the origins of surfing and the phenomenon it has become.


The Great Ocean Road region has a vibrant creative culture. From local markets and boutiques showcasing hand crafted items; to artists working in their studios or galleries full of works inspired by the surrounding sea and landscapes.

Join in the fun at cultural events all year round, from literary and music festivals to art exhibitions and other historical events. For a bit of sea air and local culture, get along to the Lorne Festival of Performing Arts or their Sculpture Festival.


In a region that is best known for the pristine natural environment, there are loads of ways to get back to nature or have encounters with wildlife.

The natural environment is just as spectacular in the water, with world class snorkeling sites and an amazing diversity of marine life right along the coastline.  Snorkel or kayak the marine sanctuaries throughout the region or dip a toe in the water at any of the beaches - this is nature at its dramatic best.


If you're searching for the latest in surf gear and surf brand clothing, you need to spend some time at Surf City in Torquay - the home of Rip Curl and Quiksilver - whose concept stores are both almost a historical showcase of the region's rich surfing history.
Check out the latest from the likes of Rip Curl, Quiksilver, Strapper, Gash and Rojo. And around the corner you can bag yourself a bargain from the Baines Court surf seconds outlets.
Much of the shopping focus along the coast revolves around the beach and board culture and there's no better place to experience this than in Torquay,Anglesea, Lorne and Apollo Bay.


With some of the most highly rated public access courses in Australia located within the Great Ocean Road region it's little wonder many of the visitors who arrive are toting a set of golf clubs.

Some of the courses have accommodation on site and all have well regarded clubhouse facilities.  Torquay boasts The Sands, who hosts the annual Surf Coast Knockout, a PGA Tour event.  Located within the Peppers Resort complex.  Torquay are spoilt with a second high class course, at the RACV Resort - which can be found at number one Great Ocean Road.