Fertile soil and the maritime climate make the Great Ocean Road region an ideal place to grow the produce we eat and drink.

These environmental factors combined with the relaxed, easy-going nature of the region make it a less pretentious and earthier foodie destination than most.

From the vineyards and cellar doors scattered throughout the region, where winemakers will welcome you to their 'workshops' to share their stories whilst you sample their finest - to the micro breweries just waiting for you to discover them, there is something to suit all appetites.

Of course the seaside villages such as Apollo Bay and Port Campbell have always ensured fresh seafood is a feature of the region.  Local catches can be dragged from the sea and served on your plate within a matter of hours.

The rolling hills of the hinterland, volcanic plains and lush peninsula soil are constantly growing all sorts of delicious treats. There are olive groves producing some of Victoria's best fruit and oil, berry farms where the family can roll up their sleeves and pick their own - the taste of fruit freshly picked by your own hand is simply incomparable!

Timboon, known as the gourmet hub of the Great Ocean Road, will turn up your senses like no where else. With their cheeses, whisky, fine ice-cream, honey and other products alike, the gourmet foodie in you will come alive!

But make sure you don't go past the local eateries in every town - they will surprise and delight you. More often than not they will feature locally grown produce. They are just waiting to be explored.

Many of the food and wine experiences in the region have been packaged up into neat touring routes, complete with maps and information about their specific area. Both the Otway Harvest Trail and the 12 Apostles Gourmet Trail are worth exploring.