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With an environment where the air you breathe is so fresh, it's difficult not to relax.  Fresh sea air, invigorating rainforest air or natural country air - your lungs will be grateful and your head will immediately slow down.

Relaxation is achieved in many different ways by every different person.  Stroll barefoot on the beach with sand and ripples between your toes.  Lay down in a hot spa while the jets work their magic.  Enjoy a quiet drink with a view of the ocean or rainforest.  Or take a walk through ancient forest or along trickling streams to the mesmerising cascades of a waterfall.

There are a number of dedicated and renowned day spas and well-being properties along the road and in the hinterland a offering the full range of health and beauty services. 

In many instances, accommodation operators are happy to arrange on site massages and health services.  The convenience adds to your relaxation!

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