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Travel Tips for Day Trips

As the Great Ocean Road is just over an hour from central Melbourne (and even closer to Geelong), the region is as popular with day-trippers as it is with those staying overnight. Therefore, it’s easy to enjoy an inspiring section of the district within a Great Ocean Road itinerary (1 day).

The best location for a Great Ocean Road 1-day self-drive itinerary will depend on where you’re starting. But whether you’re approaching the road from eastern or western ends (or even inland areas to its north) there are plenty of ocean views, sights and activities.

To help you plan your Great Ocean Road one day itinerary we’ve provided a number of tools on our website. These include a schedule of travel times between various locations, and another page about planning Road Trips.

Find Activities for Your Visit

You can also decide activities for your Great Ocean Road 1-day self-drive itinerary trip by browsing our What to See and Do page. Or just browse our ‘Be Inspired’ section to see the many activities a Great Ocean Road one day itinerary can involve including walking, biking, hiking, shopping, relaxing, eating, drinking and more.

You can also get expert local advice on a Great Ocean Road day trip itinerary by contacting one of our Visitor Information Centres.

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