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Despite being known for its ocean beaches and the spectacular 12 Apostles, few people know that the Great Ocean Road is also a gateway to vast forests, farmland and volcanic plains of hinterland. Its diverse geography is one of the reasons why the Great Ocean Road region is among the best weekend getaways in Victoria.

Natural Attractions

In a single day you can take a stroll along the beach, go whale spotting over brunch, taste produce on a farm, sit by a waterfall, stand at a crater lake, and then head back to the coast for a fresh seafood dinner. Learn more about the numerous natural attractions across the region & choose those that interest you most for your weekend getaway.


Start Planning your Weekend Getaway

It's no wonder that the Great Ocean Road is considered one of the best weekends away in Victoria for locals and visitors. With so many attractions all within driving distance from Melbourne, you have endless options to create a personalised road trip.

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