Great Otway National Park

It can seem difficult to establish what the Great Ocean Road’s main attractions are. The core reason for this is the diversity of the region: it has beaches, forests and farmland, large towns and coastal hamlets; outdoor activities as well as galleries and museums; cheap eats and fine dining; five star hotels and isolated camping grounds. 

Great Ocean Road’s Top Attractions

Without a doubt it’s big nature that makes the Great Ocean Road region so special. Therefore, there are 4 recommended Great Ocean Road natural attractions (in order) to visit:

  • The Road Itself

Driving the Great Ocean Road is one of the main attractions. It bends along Victoria’s south-west coastline for over 240 kilometres. At various spots it boasts magnificent views across the water or curves through native bushland.

  • The Twelve Apostles

These natural limestone structures stand 45 metres above the ocean and will leave you, wind-swept and awe-struck by the beauty and power of nature.

  • The Great Otway National Park

Although this park boasts a beautiful coastline, its vast inland section includes magnificent rainforests, waterfalls and lakes.

  • Volcanic Lakes and Plains

Moving inland you can enjoy the vast outlooks and crater-lakes caused by the volcanic activity (now extinct) which literally shaped the region millions of years ago. 

Find Other Attractions to Suit Your Interests

When it gets to the finer details of what are the best attractions it differs from person to person. Browse our website for more tips on enjoying the Great Ocean Road’s main attractions. And why not plan where to Eat and Drink before you leave?

Conserving Koala habitats in the Great Otway National Park

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