Forrest Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bike Trails

The Great Ocean Road offers terrific mountain bike trails which are among the finest bike trails around Melbourne.

In the breath-taking scenery in the Great Otway National Park the Forrest mountain bike trails near Melbourne offer some of the most diverse and fun trails in Australia. There’s over 65km of single track weaving through everything from tall eucalypts, native bush to magical fern gullies; quite simply there is a trail for everyone!

Get on your bike and head to Anglesea for mountain bike trails near Melbourne that suit all abilities. Ride through the scenic bushy trails and be sure to visit the MTB specialists in town where you can find maps of mountain bike trails in Victoria.

Victoria’s Best Trails

If you’re looking for mountain bike trails, Victoria’s Great Ocean Road region trails showcase the natural beauty of the Great Otway National Park, passing through tall eucalyptus forests, dry healthy scrub and dense fern gullies. They’ve been designed and built with real mountain bikers in mind and offer experiences for beginners and the most hard-core dirt fanatics.

For the best bike trails near Melbourne be sure to visit the Great Ocean Road region.

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Clipped native shrubs contrast with architectural gum tree branches

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