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Located on the coastline and hinterland of Victoria’s south-west, and branching off a road that spans over 240 kilometres, the Great Ocean Road is a magical region in which to travel in Victoria.

With a diverse range of towns, terrains, natural attractions and activities it’s been one of the most popular places to travel in Victoria for over 100 years.

Travel in Victoria (Australia) on the Great Ocean Road

Travelling the Great Ocean Road is easy and can be accessed via car, public transport, ferry, plane and even helicopter.

You can drive from the Melbourne CBD to the start of the Great Ocean Road within an hour and seventeen minutes.

Plus with so many options to choose from it includes a huge variety of travel options within Victoria.

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Cobden Railway

Best Places to Travel in Victoria

Here are just a few of the best places on the Great Ocean Road:

  • One of our most popular attractions is the 12 Apostles, it’s coastline and hinterland – the Apostles are limestone structures which rise 45 metres above the Southern Ocean. These majestic natural sculptures are guaranteed to take your breath away.
  • Bells Beach in Torquay, as well as Johanna Beach, is known for hosting the internationally recognised Rip Curl Pro competition. While these are our more famous surfing spots we have plenty of other surfing options!
  • Portland is a regional town located on a more rugged part of the coast with a lively waterfront district. It’s an angler’s paradise and rich in settler history. It’s a great place from which to enjoy a portion of, or to start the Great South West Walk – a 250-kilometre walk through forest, gorges and capes.
  • Codben is an inland town where the Crater to Coast Rail Trail scenic bike-ride runs. It’s home to dairy farming and the most delicious butter and cheeses!

With dozens of hamlets, towns and regional hubs to choose from the Great Ocean Road region is the perfect place for travel in Victoria. Take a look at our Destinations today!


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