Farmers Market

Various Torquay Markets

The Torquay Farmers Market is every Saturday, morning from 8.30am to 1.00pm in the carpark of the Surf Coast Shire Offices. This popular weekly market celebrates fresh local foods and artisan produce.

The Night Jar Market in Torquay is held in January. At this Torquay night market, you can meander through the carefully curated precinct, discovering many emerging designers and maybe even losing yourself in 'dessert lane'.

The Torquay Sunday Market is also known as the Cowrie Market and is run on the third Sunday; September through April. This iconic market is nestled amongst the majestic trees overlooking Zeally Bay on the Torquay Foreshore. It offers a friendly atmosphere with two stages featuring local music and entertainment.

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We have a special page detailing the Night Jar Market, Torquay. Or, for more information on the Torquay Farmers Market and the Cowrie Market visit our Torquay Life site.

Discover the Night Jar Market

Enter the magical atmosphere of the Nightjar Festival

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