Southern Right Whale

Learn About Whale Watching in Australia

Victoria’s Great Ocean Road is one of the most popular destinations for whale watching in Australia. The whale migration in Australia occurs when whales leave the Antarctic and head north to our warmer waters for breeding. During this time whales can be seen off the coast of the Great Ocean Road breaching, blowing, lob-tailing and tail-flapping.

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Where to Go Whale Watching

The whale watching season in Australia occurs in the winter months (June through to October). Whales can be spotted all the way along the coast between Torquay and Nelson. A section of the Great Ocean Road – known as the Whale Trail – is a 73-kilometre stretch from Warrnambool through Port Fairy to Portland, and is popular during whale season in Australia.

Whale migration in Australia has whales swimming through Australia’s east, west and southern borders – but the best whale watching in Australia can be enjoyed on the Great Ocean Road. There you can not only spot Southern Right whales, but also Blue whales.

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