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Australia is a vast continent with metropolises, regional centres, massive deserts, mountains, thick bushland, rainforests, country towns, farmland and amazing coastlines. So when you ask yourself ‘Where is the best place to go in Australia?’, you may feel overwhelmed. But did you know the Great Ocean Road region in Victoria gives you access to all but the desert? To find out what we have to offer read more below.

Where is the Most Beautiful Place in Australia?

Australians who have travelled abroad will often tell you that our beaches are the best in the world. We boast 243 kilometres of beaches on The Great Ocean Road. It also takes you through bushland as well as coastal and regional townships. Among the beautiful things our region offers are:

  • Sandy beaches and rugged coastline (including the Twelve Apostles)
  • Rainforests, rivers and waterfalls
  • Wildlife and marine life (including whales!)
  • A hinterland borne from volcanic plains

Where is the Best Place to Visit in Australia?

Thanks to its proximity to Melbourne and its wide variety of natural and cultural offerings, the answer to the question ‘Where is the best place to go in Australia?’ is the Great Ocean Road. For more inspiration, take a look at the beautiful destinations on offer.

Marengo Reefs Marine Sanctuary

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