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The Great Ocean Walk in Victoria is a beautiful, rugged, raw, overwhelming and peaceful journey.

The 110km walk traverses beaches, clifftops, rainforests and hinterland. It takes you deep into the Great Otways National Park and the Port Campbell National Park.

Embrace the ultimate eight-day challenge, or select a smaller section of the walk. For a taste, choose a half or full day itinerary. Self-guide and camp, or join a guided tour with accommodation.

Feel the exhilaration of being away from civilisation in some of Australia's most breathtaking locations only accessible by foot.


The Great Ocean Walk is for the seasoned hiker, the adventurous traveller and the recreational walker.

It's for lovers of camping in nature, and for those who prefer comfortable lodgings.

If you yearn for a warm spa, soothing massive, great food and superb wine at the end of the day, there's luxury accommodation.

Licensed Tour Operators offer support, from guided tours and itinerary planning, to camping equipment, transfers and food provisions.

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See the wildflowers in spring, colorful fungi in autumn and waterfalls in winter.

Make the first footprints for the day on a secluded beach. Watch water cascade high sea-cliffs. Spy a dolphin, orca or whale in winter.

See koalas, wallabies and possums - and wedge-tailored eagles up high. Explore sheltered estuaries and gaze up towards towering grey gums and Mountain Ash.

Breath the fresh air deeply and remember these moments forever.


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