Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Great Ocean Road region. Walk among giants in the redwood forests and be dwarfed by giant tree ferns among the lush rainforest of the Otway Ranges. Fly through the canopy on a zipline or stroll slowly along quiet trails toward breathtaking waterfalls and seek out shy glow worms in leafy gullies.  Paddle the serene lakes and rivers or take to the ocean for a ride on the waves and even meet the local seal colony.

Lose your shoes and skip along the soft beach sand or slip into flippers and snorkel in the shallows admiring reef structures millions of years in the making. Stand on towering rugged clifftops and look out to the wild blue ocean or float in the calm sheltered waters of bays and coves.

Explore the ancient volcanic plains of the south west where volcanic activity has shaped much of the surrounding landscape, leaving a legacy of cones, lakes and craters to explore. Visit Mount Eccles (Budj Bim) a long dormant volcano boasting a tranquil crater lake and native bushland make it a pleasant place for picnicking, camping and bushwalking. Nature trails follow the old crater rim.

A natural theme park brimming with activities and attractions awaits you in the Great Ocean Road region.  Why not stay awhile and see what you like?