Each township along the Great Ocean Road has it’s own unique story to tell. As you make your way down the road, these stories begin to unfold; stories of amazing adventures, stories of natural beauty, and stories of inspiring artistic endeavour...

Write your own nature story this spring - where wild storm-carved coastlines provide hidden havens of tranquility and beauty.


Choose your own road trip from, an action packed adventure to a romantic getaway or a family weekend away. Checkout our suggested itineraries here.

Write your own adventure story this spring - where the thrill of the chase can be on anything from three fins to four wheels.


The Great Ocean Road region is a natural for walking, hiking, rambling and ambling, whatever your ability or experience level. There's no better way to communicate with nature and checkout the scenery, than to lace up you comfy shoes, strap on a backpack and hit the trail.

Write your own food story this spring - where farm-gate food trails lead you on a mouth watering journey from paddock to plate.



We share with you the locals knowledge on the best spot for selfies, top lookouts, behind the scenes of local events and explore the hidden towns and villages.

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