“ It is so exciting to hear how many women love their LUONE jewellery and the fact that they receive so many compliments when wearing LUONE is really encouraging & rewarding ”

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We invite and would love you to visit our workshop in Port Fairy, Victoria. Our customers love to view the process at the workbench, being able to view the different stages in which the pieces progress is part of the experience we like to provide.

LUONE offers a bespoke service that enables you to express your individual desires in order to develop a unique handmade piece of LUONE jewellery to suit your specific requirements. Bespoke designs are ideal for weddings, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays and births or for that beautiful piece of jewellery you have always wanted but never been able to find.


All LUONE pieces may be made to any length and many are available in different gems allowing you to determine the colour of your choice. The handmade links which are incorporated in many of our necklaces may also be modified to suit your preference.

Some of our favourite gems include (but are certainly not limited to!) South Sea and freshwater pearls, quartz, morganite, topaz, onyx, Australian chrysoprase, Russian amazonite and aquamarine. 

The range at LUONE provides for your everyday staples through to one-off desirable statement pieces.

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