Immerse yourself in the depth's of truly Big Nature. From the wild and unpredictable Southern Ocean to the volcanic plains steeped in history. Explore vastly different landscapes and share in their stories.


Be invigorated by being active in the great outdoors. Enjoy the tranquility of a canoe, the restorative benefits of a great walk or the adrenalin rush of mountain biking downhill. Pick your pace.


Restore life balance, nothing makes you remember your alive like feeling the salt in your hair, the sand in your toes and sea air in your lungs.


The landscape and the lifestyle has inspired artisans of all disciplines to explore their craft and follow their passion. Enjoy the riches of their honed skills from chefs and producers to artists and entrepreneurs. 



The coastline from Torquay to the 12 Apostles has surf spots dotted along it.

The Great Ocean Road region has some of the world surfing professionals' favourite surf spots. Most famous of all is internationally renowned Bells Beach, home to the annual Rip Curl Pro event - a hallmark event for Victoria.

If you're an inexperienced or beginner surfer, the best way to learn is to take a surf lesson. These are usually held by qualified professionals on easier breaks.


The summer months are a superb time to be “on the road”..join us at one our many festivals. The iconic Port Fairy Folk Festival attracts first class musicians, playing for your enjoyment across a variety of venues.

Maybe the Lorne Pier to Pub is for you, the largest open water swim in the world. Imagine how exciting it will be to participate.

If Cycling is your thing, the Cadell Evans Great Ocean Road Race provides a weekend of the world’s best cycling, delivering high excitement and intense competition. You could also participate in Otway Odyssey, the ultimate mountain bike marathon in Australia.

Slow down the pace a little, take in the ambience and the delights that is the Apollo Bay Seafood and Local Produce Festival….An aquatic smorgasbord serving up deliciousness…yum!!


Sounds just like the recipe for happiness….
From Torquay to Portland and beyond there are literally hundreds of bay and ocean beaches to choose from.

In summer they act as a cool retreat, the fun of building a sandcastle with a toddler, walking along the waters edge as the as the ocean laps at toes, and then a swim to cool off from the summer heat, it all adds up to summer on the Great Ocean Road.

It may be tempting to jump in anywhere along the coast, but we advise it's best to look for the yellow and red beach flags. They signify that there are lifesavers around looking after you and your family, at patrolled beaches.We look forward to seeing you this summer.


Forage for the best of the region

Truffles, mushrooms, berry-picking and more! Picking it yourself is your freshness guarantee!

Liquid Joy

Beer, wine, cider & whisky! There's a tipple in the region for everyone!

Creative outlets

Throughout the Great Ocean Road region you'll find many artisans and creators in shops and at markets