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Congratulations to Brae - awarded number 44 in Worlds 50 best restaurants!

Brae - in the Worlds best 50 restaurants!

WOW!  A big congratulations to Dan Hunter and his team at Brae in Birregurra.  On Wednesday night Melbourne played host to the Worlds 50 Best Restaurant awards and Brae was awarded number 44.  Dan showcases produce from our region and we also congratulate all of his suppliers.

Brae is the leader in a growing number of restaurants in the Great Ocean Road region that source authentic local produce and showcase it in the form of a inspired world-class food ... We are so proud to be home to such high quality dining experiences and Brae is our finest example.



Have you spotted a whale? Upload your whale sighting direct to our whale blog.

The National Heritage listed Great Ocean Road hugs Victoria's western coastline and is your path to the spectacular views and theatrics of the Southern Ocean.

Almost every year between June and September, female Southern Right whales return to the Southern Ocean to calve.

The whales often swim within a hundred metres of the shore, they are easily viewed from the iconic lookouts and bays along the Great Ocean Road. Please park safely, well off the road and obey road rules.


The Great Ocean Road region is a natural for walking, hiking, rambling and ambling, whatever your ability or experience level. There's no better way to communicate with nature and checkout the scenery, than to lace up you comfy shoes, strap on a backpack and hit the trail.

Discover the region’s diversity of plants, animals and scenery as you take to the Great Ocean Walk located in the Great Ocean Road region between Apollo Bay and the iconic Twelve Apostles, hugging this rugged coastline for more than 100km.

The big skies and wild nature of the Walk will astound you.


With its diverse terrain and coastal margin, the entire Great Ocean Road region is a natural for waterfalls. What's more mesmerizing than gazing over a waterfall at eye-level or sizing it up from below?

You can visit some of the most magnificent waterfalls such as Erskine, Triplet, Beauchamp and Hopkins. All offering walkable access through forested settings alive with sights and sounds of wildlife.

Keep your eyes peeled for a koala, echidna, wallaby, weird fungi, wildflowers and native birds.

Immerse yourself in the depth's of truly Big Nature. From the wild and unpredictable Southern Ocean, home to the 12 Apostles, the volcanic plains  and National Parks steeped in history.

Explore vastly different landscapes and share in their stories.


The landscape and the lifestyle has inspired artisans of all disciplines to explore their craft and follow their passion.

Enjoy the riches of their honed skills from chefs and producers to artists and entrepreneurs. 


Be invigorated by being active in the great outdoors.

Enjoy the tranquility of a canoe, the restorative benefits of a great walk or the adrenalin rush of mountain biking downhill.

All you have to do is.."Pick Your Pace!"


Restore life balance, nothing makes you remember your alive like feeling the salt in your hair, the sand in your toes and sea air in your lungs. 

When Mother Nature created this region she had your well-being in mind.



Forage for the best of the region

Truffles, mushrooms, berry-picking and more! Picking it yourself is your freshness guarantee!

Liquid Joy

Beer, wine, cider & whisky! There's a tipple in the region for everyone!

Creative outlets

Throughout the Great Ocean Road region you'll find many artisans and creators in shops and at markets

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