Some speed and traffic management is in place at a number of key locations.

Take extra care on the road - Victoria Police are asking all travellers to be patient, take your time, slow down and drive sensibly. Drive with your vehicle headlights on low beam and slow down when approaching roadwork crews for their safety and your own. Be aware of road hazards such as mud, debris, damaged roads and bridges. Trees and tree limbs can become unstable, even with no wind, so be aware of falling trees and branches when driving and walking through the area.  Do not park or shelter under trees.

Accredited Visitor Information Centres can assist in helping you plan your journey.

Please refer to the official messages at the websites below for up to date information. and,-flood-and-other-closures/flood-affected-areas


Visit the new Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie

Delight in free chocolate and ice cream tastings. Watch the art of chocolate making – from hand crafting to hand packing – and say hello to our European Chocolatiers. Explore our spectacular showroom choc-filled with thousands of chocolates to tempt you.

Plan your Great Ocean Walk

Give your life a Spring clean by getting out in nature. Walk the 143km of the Great Ocean Walk, or pick a section if you have not got a full week and let the power of the southern ocean and the nature of drama inspire you.

Chase a waterfall

The Great Otway National Park is synonymous with waterfalls. Ten waterfalls within 10km of Lorne is just the beginning. In winter they are at their most majestic!


Immerse yourself in the depth's of truly Big Nature. From the wild and unpredictable Southern Ocean to the volcanic plains steeped in history. Explore vastly different landscapes and share in their stories.


Be invigorated by being active in the great outdoors. Enjoy the tranquility of a canoe, the restorative benefits of a great walk or the adrenalin rush of mountain biking downhill. Pick your pace.


Restore life balance, nothing makes you remember your alive like feeling the salt in your hair, the sand in your toes and sea air in your lungs.


The landscape and the lifestyle has inspired artisans of all disciplines to explore their craft and follow their passion. Enjoy the riches of their honed skills from chefs and producers to artists and entrepreneurs. 


Forage for the best of the region

Truffles, mushrooms, berry-picking and more! Picking it yourself is your freshness guarantee!

Liquid Joy

Beer, wine, cider & whisky! There's a tipple in the region for everyone!

Creative outlets

Throughout the Great Ocean Road region you'll find many artisans and creators in shops and at markets