Victoria's Great Ocean Road Region

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Great Ocean Road Brewhouse

You could spend weeks, maybe months, trying to sample the wines, beers, spirits and specialty foods produced in the Great Ocean Road and Otway region. Or you could just visit the Great Ocean Road Brewhouse and Tastes of the Region in Apollo Bay!

The Great Ocean Road Brewhouse and Tastes of the Region in Apollo Bay are two gorgeous facilities and must-see venues for anyone interested in a one-stop mecca for all things food and drink from the local region. 

Immerse yourself in the depth's of truly Big Nature. From the wild and unpredictable Southern Ocean, home to the 12 Apostles, the volcanic plains  and National Parks steeped in history.

Explore vastly different landscapes and share in their stories.


The landscape and the lifestyle has inspired artisans of all disciplines to explore their craft and follow their passion.

Enjoy the riches of their honed skills from chefs and producers to artists and entrepreneurs. 


Be invigorated by being active in the great outdoors.

Enjoy the tranquility of a canoe, the restorative benefits of a great walk or the adrenalin rush of mountain biking downhill.

All you have to do is.."Pick Your Pace!"


Restore life balance, nothing makes you remember your alive like feeling the salt in your hair, the sand in your toes and sea air in your lungs. 

When Mother Nature created this region she had your well-being in mind.