Deservingly known as paradise by the sea, Apollo Bay is midway along the majestic Great Ocean Road, in the shelter of Cape Otway and on the lowest slopes of the beautiful Otway ranges.

Valleys just a few kilometres out of town are full of rainforest, streams, waterfalls and fireflies. Once the province of timber workers and farmers, the hills are now also occupied by artists, holiday makers and beach lovers. 

Every water sport under the sun can be enjoyed at Apollo Bay - surfing, fishing, swimming, diving, and boating of all sorts. Bush walking in the Otways, wet or dry, is spectacular. The rain and wind rarely reach the lower levels of the older rainforest which has its own lush climate. Down the Great Ocean Road at Cape Otway are some of the most breathtaking walks in the country.

There are petrified forests, fireflies, rainbows and just south, some of the highest ocean cliffs in Victoria.


Wrestle a fighting salmon from the Barham River mouth and dive amongst the rocks spying the glaring eyes of a wary lobster. Or, trusting the expert team of fisherman and chef to serve up the catch of the day matched with a crisp glass of locally harvested Sauvignon Blanc.


Feel alive in nature's playground...Join the pursuit for ecstasy in whatever fashion you please with an endless variety of adventures built to showcase the capturing beauty of Apollo Bay & the Otways. Bike, hike, ride, kayak, board, drive or fly through the regions best



The magnitude of the ocean versus the majesty of the forest. Discover a land where ancient flora and bubbling streams meet life on a cliffs edge shaped by relentless crashing waves. Apollo Bay marks the entry point for some of Australia’s most celebrated short and multi-day walks, and is the perfect base to explore the Great Ocean Walk and surrounding Otways rainforest.


Local markets take place year-round in Apollo Bay & the Otways, showcasing a miscellany of art, craft and local produce. Stock up on fresher-than-fresh goodies, locally grown in fertile Otway soil.