Visions of Scotland on volcanic plain

How to get to Camperdown

Volcanic Lakes & Plains

Follow Meandering Roads north from the Great Ocean Road or travel direct via the Princes Hwy to explore sublime volcanic landscapes and charming inland towns. Enjoy the contrast of conical peaks and deep crater lakes that punctuate the even carpet of rolling farmland. Dry stone walls dissect the landscape, providing an aesthetic and practical solution to a landscape strewn with volcanic rock.


Emerald winter landscapes, charming historic towns and country hospitality ice the cake for a weekend or week long fishing adventure. Visit a local bait and tackle supplier for advice on preferential baits, rigs and lures for local conditions.

Talk to a local about their favorite spots and lures and for up to the minute advice you can't go past a chat with a local Caravan Park Manager.

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A forager's delight

With so many stately homes and a local passion for history it is no wonder that Camperdown and surrounds are a forager's delight. Shop for a perfect piece for your home or hunt for a bargain at Oakbrook Collectibles and Arts, Hunter and Gatherer, Silver Nickel, Mammoth Mart, Pombo Mart, Camperdown Demolition and Collectables or the Element Bazaar to name a few.

Be sure to call into Camperdown Courthouse Information and Arts just opposite the clock tower for the good oil on where to begin your search and a guide to help you on your way.