A haven for walkers, boating, fishing and water sports enthusiasts, the Lakes around Derrinallum are just superb.


With rich volcanic lands and lakes, discover why early settlers made Derrinallum their home over 150 years ago. 

Derrinallum is fine wool country and lies at the foot of Mount Elephant, surrounded by a series of lakes and grazing sheep and cattle. The town acts as a hub for the local farming network, fielding all the essential services including the ever-important local pub. Derrinallum is located 2 hours west of Melbourne and 1 hour from Geelong, Warrnambool and Ballarat.

Mount Elephant, a 240m high extinct volcano complete with a 90m crater, has recently been open to public after the community came together to purchase the land in 2000. The volcano last erupted 5-20 thousand years ago, making it one of the more recently active volcanoes in Australia. Mount Elephant is open to walkers every Sunday (weather permitting) between 1 – 4pm.


Nearby, Deep Lake and Lake Tooliorook provide scenic recreational space for boating, water sports and fishing. The lakes also cater to walkers with the distinctive Mount Elephant providing a picturesque backdrop.