A Great Ocean Road region-wide movement with no set date, just a shared desire to connect friends, family and those we've missed.

Think of this as an open invitation.

Invite your loved ones if you're local, or accept an invitation to visit - let's reconnect and rediscover our region together through beautiful views, shared meals and exciting adventures.

We can't wait to finally see you again.

...and Stream Some Tunes

We've put together the perfect playlist collections, just for you.

Collect inspiration...

Remember how my smouldering spectacles ignited you,

And my sprawling panoramas grounded you.


Remember being guided towards bliss,

And finding pockets of it around every corner.


Remember the sweet taste of well-earned indulgences,

And those shared refreshing moments.


Well, it's about time we did it all again.



Don't forget to tag your photos on socials with @visitgreatoceanroad & #thegreatsleepover